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Streamlined Financial Management

Oftentimes, businesses need to make decisions but don’t have their full financial picture available to them to make the best decision. Base Tax believes in empowering small businesses with the financial transparency necessary for decisive action – whenever they need it. If you’re experiencing delays in closing your books or encountering recurring errors in your financial statements, it’s time for a change. Our outsourced accounting services provide the precision and timeliness your business requires to maintain accurate records and support strategic decision-making.

Great bookkeeping is the backbone of any thriving business. It’s not just about recording transactions; it’s about tailoring financial reporting to provide meaningful insights that are timely and accurate. Our approach is customized to each business, ensuring that you have the information you need to guide your company towards long-term growth and improved profitability.

Even in the early stages, having professional bookkeeping can set a strong foundation for your business. It ensures financial discipline from the start, preventing potential issues as the business grows.

The choice between cash and accrual basis accounting depends on your business structure and financial goals. Cash basis may be simpler, but accrual provides a more accurate financial picture. Base Tax can help determine the best method for your situation.

Many bookkeepers handle basic tasks for a lot of clients for a cheap price. Base Tax provides strategic value that goes beyond transactional bookkeeping. Our services include financial analysis and insights that can directly contribute to increasing your profitability, and each client is deeply valued and taken care of.